5 BDSM Songs to Unleash Your Inner Freak

Nothing like a good playlist to get the heart pumpin’ and the blood flowing for an delicious BDSM sesh. Here are a few of our favorite BDSM songs to get in the mood..  

Let’s start with the classic ‘Oh Bondage Up Yours!’ by X-Ray Spex. Warms my heart to think people have been banging to this since 1977.

My personal favorite, Nine Inch Nails’ ‘Closer’ always puts me in the mood. Spine-tingling music video too… 

Don’t have to tell me twice. ‘Spank My Booty by Lords of Acid has a great beat to synch up with those lovely slaps. 

Of course I’m going to love any song called ‘Whore’…. This gorgeous song and music video by In This Moment is my go to for when I’m dressing up to get my Kink on.  

Let’s slow this down a bit with the sensual tune ‘ Desire’ by Meg Meyers. This one is great to put on during the teasing phase. 

What’s your go-to song in and out of the Kink sheets? Let us know in the comments. 

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